Visa Run

What is the Visa Run?

Experience the Freedom of a Renewed Visa in Less Than 24 Hours!

We leave every Monday, every week!

Booking your space is quick and convenient. Secure your space today with our simple online reservation system. Use our online reservation system anytime, anywhere. Remember to bring your plane or bus reservation voucher when you arrive at the border.

Renew your visa quickly and affordably with the same-day Visa Run by Costa Rica Horizon! Skip the hassle and expense of international flights, hotel bookings, and meals in another country. Our Visa Run eliminates the need for costly travel and allows you to return to Costa Rica without breaking the bank.

Price is Only $115 (+tax)! Below you can create your reservation into a reservation system, with the option to pay in cash, bank transfer or credit card.

Please create your Visa Run booking below. This reservations page is only for our Visa Run services, for any other services please use our “Transportation” webpage.

  1. Select the Service Type for your pickup location
  2. Set your Pickup Dates to any Monday
  3. Set your Pickup Time to 05 AM:00
  4. Set your Pickup Location for Santa Teresa, Costa Rica or Guanacaste, Costa Rica
  5. Set your Dropoff Location to Nicaragua
  6. On the next page enter your details, select vehicle type, your payment type and select “Book” to complete

Pick Up Schedules:

  • Santa Teresa in front of Banco Nacional at 5 am
  • Cobano in front of Banco Nacional 5:20 am
  • Montezuma in front of Hotel El Jardin at 5:40 am
  • Los Delfines in front of Super Pala at 6:15 am


We also offer a private visa run in case our schedule does not work for you or you would like to travel alone or with your private group.

We offer a Private Visa Run for only $500!

Please reach out to our agents on our Live Chat button and select your preferred communication option to share your reservation details

Good news! Entering Costa Rica and Nicaragua just got easier. Here’s a breakdown of what you need:

For both Costa Rica and Nicaragua:

  • No health pass, insurance, or COVID-19 vaccination is required.
  • Valid passport is a must.
  • Proof of onward travel: This could be a return ticket or a bus reservation (e.g., Tica Bus) showing you’ll eventually leave Costa Rica.
  • Tip: If you haven’t booked your onward travel yet, use services like to get a reservation for around $12.
  • Cash: Bring at least $40 USD in small bills ($1, $5, $10) for potential fees at the borders.

Additional requirement for Nicaragua:

  • PCR COVID-19 test is NO LONGER required.

For travelers from South America:

  • Yellow Fever Vaccination: Bring a vaccination letter as proof of vaccination against Yellow Fever.

Effortless Visa Renewal with our Guided Border Trip:

Start your day with a convenient pick-up in Santa Teresa, then relax as we journey through the stunning landscapes of Cobano, Montezuma, Tambor, and Los Delfines. Around 8 am, we’ll take a refreshing break in Jicaral, where you can savor a delicious breakfast and recharge for the day ahead.

Reaching the border around noon, our experienced driver will ensure the minibus is secure while you and your fellow travelers embark on a smooth visa renewal process together. With everyone’s visas renewed, we’ll celebrate with a well-deserved late lunch in Liberia.

The journey continues as we retrace our route, ensuring a safe return to Los Delfines, Tambor, Montezuma, Cobano, and finally, Santa Teresa. Expect to be back between 6 pm and 7 pm, depending on traffic and border processing times.

Sit back, relax, and let us handle the logistics of your visa renewal. Simple and stress-free!


How long is the Trip?

We start by picking up the first client at 5 am and return approximately around.

Do You Stop for Breakfast and Lunch?

Yes of course! We stop in Jicaral around 8 am for breakfast and also around 2 pm at the Liberia Restaurant El Jardin for a late lunch on the way back.

If I cancel, will the money be refunded?

You can modify your reservation to a new date, however, we don’t offer refunds at this time considering we work under reservation with small groups.

What is the name of the border you go?

We go to the Nicaragua border of Peñas Blancas.

Do I have to take the PCR Test to Enter Nicaragua?

No, it is not required at this time.

How can I contact Costa Rica Horizon with changes, questions or a modification to my reservation?

You can contact us from our website using our Live Chat or leave a message and our agents will get back to you.

Have more questions?

Send us a message with the Live Chat or messenger button on the bottom right and we will respond promptly.